Retelling I’am The Messenger Novel (:

The most important event was Bank Robbery because, that’s what got him into all this mess in the first place.

The 2nd important event was Edgar Street when he saw/heard the little girl that got raped.

The 3rd important event was the Harrison Avenue the event that happened their.

The 4th important event was the Murder at the Cathedral , but he didn’t shoot the man that raped the little girl. He got scared !

The 5th important event was when Ed picked up a Strange Guy that knew his name telling Ed not to bring up certain people’s name but Ed didn’t know him , and the man ran off without paying !

Drifted Away

After calling me your boo you turned

Around and told someone else we were

THROUGH , they believed you and

I did to !   I cried and cried it felt

Like I had DIED , you told me a LIE !

I got caught up in the fantasy but , just

To find out it was all make BELIEVE .

There’s no more me and you and never

Will be because , all there was were LIES

Between your Teeth ! That’s why





Favorite Colors

I have 3 favorite colors !

1st: I like the color Red because since I was little I always thought RED was a pretty color. The one think that I like that’s red are Candy Apples ! RED for me is a pretty color (: and I will always like it !







2nd: I also like the color Lime Green. Lime Green is one of the prettiest colors I have seen. I like Limes thats also green. Lime Green can go with some of the other colors.






3rd : I also think Purple is pretty. Is one of my least favorite colors , but its still pretty!

The Mistake

imagesThe Mistake is when “I Loved You”
and thought it was gonna be true!
You took my heart and stole it and
Now I can’t control it.
When I said “I Loved You” I thought
it was true , but I got myself caught
up being “In Love With You” !
It all felt so real but, it was Fantasy
Cause when you was calling me your
Boo , you was also telling someone
Else “I Love You”

Hate. . . . !

Black , White , Yellow & Blue

are all different colors and

we’re to.

We hate , we fight and that’s

not right ! We call each other

names all sorts of types.

We YELL , we scream and

sometimes get REALLY REALLY

                      MEAN !

Hate can be a CRIME that can force

people to a lot of TIME.

People can Cry , Die & sometimes

Lie cause of Hate .

Most known saying :

“Haters make me Famous”


Remember when we would fight  
over crayons and didn’t share our
cookies , Cause girls was icky and
boys had cooties.
Remeber when we would fight
over Swing Sets & being the
Line Leader.
Remember when we fight
cause of drama & over some
boys cause , girls was stupid
and boys watched them get into it.
Middle School
Now , HighSchool is almost here.
Then you can say Remember When.

Announcement to Teens !!!

iNet Protector 4 - Screenshot 9photo © 2011 Szilard Mihaly | more info (via: Wylio)


Teens you should watch out what you do on the internet. Im here to warn you about online PREDATORS. Because what ever you post, send, or show someone that is BAD you could be at risk as a target for a predator. You may think Predators are FAKEE , There not going to get me! Well if your posting neglective images, sending them, giving a stranger your address you could be at risk. Some kids around the world may be targets and they MAY NOT KNOW ! That’s why parents should watch more carefully what they child is doing on the INTERNET. Which is called PARENTAL CONTROL. Teens/Kids im not saying parents should be all up in your business im just saying have some parental control & parents im not saying don’t be aware just watch/listen when your child need your help. Cause it’s your child and you wouldn’t want them to get hurt.

Child Abuse Blog Response. [:

    Don't forget me!photo © 2006 Zeli | more info (via: Wylio)
Child Abuse is one of the situations that is happening all over the world in different countries and etc. When I looked at all the comments on WallWisher about ChildAbuse I thought WOW , it must have a affect on people that children around the world are being hurt. Why do people abuse children? Can we STOP it? When did it all start? I ask myself these questions but, I never seem to get a answer. Children doesn’t deserve to get treated like there nothing . I would hate to see some one to get hurt like Baby Brianna Lopez, which was such a terrible thing that anyone could do.

     “Sometimes it’s not just the parents that cause it, and it can take many forms: physical, psychological, etc”. That quote is what someone said, which is true.